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    Welcome: -您理想的水處理合作伙伴,為您提供一流的水處理產品、技術和服務!
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    Company profile

    Company profile

           Yunnan Xing Xian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is located in Kunming high tech Zone, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse of industrial circulating water treatment areas and areas of high technology service company, specializing in water treatment engineering design, manufacturing, system integration, installation, commissioning, technical services, is a national high-tech enterprises, environmental protection in Yunnan province industry association unit. Yunnan Xing Xian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. since...


    Our service advantage

    The existing staff of professional medical consultants have good qualifications, and have received professional business training at home and abroad. Join the company also continue to attract domestic and foreign professionals, introduce foreign advanced inspection technology and products to the domestic, domestic inspection industry opens up a new era of generation of professional medical consultant company employees have good qualifications, both at home and abroad have...



    Contact: 徐總

    Phone: 13769819168

    Tel: 0871-68326967,0871-68332989 ,0871-68310606

    Email: ynxingxian@126.com

    Add: 云南省昆明市高新區活力空間306,404室